Free Company Check

We offer professional & hassle free company formation services to help you register your business in Ireland

It is important to get your new company name right, and we will perform your company name check for you free of charge to ensure your new company name conforms with the statutory requirements – just call us, email us, or complete your details in the link below.

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There are restrictions on your choice of company name. The most important one being that it must not be taken by any other company. We recommend you call us and let us do an immediate name check for you using our Company Name Check System – this will speed up the process and our experienced company formation experts can verify the name immediately for you.

Please feel free to read our guide to Company Name Restrictions below but we recommend to call us and WE WILL CHECK THE NAME FOR YOU FREE OF CHARGE !

A name can be refused if:
1. It is identical to or too similar to a name already appearing on the register of companies;
2. It is offensive;
3. It would suggest state sponsorship.